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Ірина Ворона

Ukraine based visual artists, work in mixed media technique, installation, video mapping, 3D visualization. Art projects at international artist residencies: – Matigan Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany; – Kulturscio’k live art theater, Naples, Italy; – Light project at AADK Spain International Artist Residency with the support of “Culture Bridges” mobility grant program.; – Kunsnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norway; – KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, Ii, Finland; – “Castello di Boca”, Stoliv, Montenegro. International Foundation «Cultural Heritage»; Main projects in Ukraine: – “White Souls”, “Artefact Chernobyl 33”, at Carbon; – Installation “Inner light”. “Verbalization”, at “LAVRA” gallery; – Media art installation and projection “Zero point”. Gallery “Modern Art Research Institute”; – Project “Insight” at “LAVRA” gallery; – “Anatomy of Simulacrum”at Modern Art Research Institute; – “Individual VS society ”, at “AkT” Art Zavod Platforma and International Air Gogol Festival;

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