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Creative and digital communication agency with knowledge and expertise

Since 2018, we have started a cultural activity with the aim of engaging modern audiences with important social topics, through impressive and immersive technologies of new media and digital art.

Our main activity is the implementation of impressive cultural and artistic projects with a significant educational and social component to raise awareness and engage in informed discussion of important social development issues by using immersive technologies and modern digital communications that have the potential to positively impact people’s behavior.
We’re building brands that matter in culture. We work with people who are as dedicated to their craft. We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.


Having attractive showcase
has never been easier

We’re a brand strategy and digital design agency, building brands that matter in culture. With more than ten years of knowledge and expertise.

We work with people who are as dedicated to their craft. We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.


The 2018 year. The first art rave at Chornobyl and presented a media-sculpture ARTEFACT in Pripyat at night. Huge project about media literacy and the information catastrophe of Chornobyl.


The first contemporary art and media-art exhibition about Chornobyl: More than 12,000 visitors and many positive reviews. The project proves that modern media art can be interesting and useful for a wide audience.

ARTEFACT Chornobyl 34

The first virtual exhibition of Chornobyl for 50 exhibits Artefact Chornobyl 34, with an online residence for 120 people, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation During the COVID-19 Pandemic. MariaPrymachenko, Ivan Marchuk, Arsen Savadov, etc.


Ecological project with, local community engagement, education part and production of big interactive media sculpture from recycled plastic.

Ukrainian Biennale of Digital and Media Art

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, digital and new media art have their own platform for presentation. Presented more than 50 contemporary works by famous artists from 15 countries


Impressive laser light projection and a national record with the huge digital sculpture “Chornobyl Lights” at the Exclusion Zone.


The National Flag Day and the Independence Day of Ukraine celebrated with a light-art installation of the Ukrainian flag on the Chornobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC), also known as New Shelter

“Prometheus” + Pripyat 50

Making a digital bas-relief “Prometheus” at unique night event “Prypiat 50 years”. Pripyat 50 years celebration for liquidators and former settlers of Pripyat.

Biggest new media project at Burning Man

At the well-known cultural event Burning Man, was presented the first art project of Burning Man with Augmented Reality. It was AR-portal to Chornobyl


Світлана Коршунова

Світлана Коршунова

Project manager

Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the creative industries, namely in the media, festivals, art projects, etc. In 2021 received 3rd higher education at the Polish University of Public Affairs, specialization: Project Management Manager in EU Financial Perspective 2021-2027.

Валерій Коршунов

Валерій Коршунов


Digital artist, musician, curator and producer of the UBienniale (2021), author of the project and sculpture Kyiv Whale (2021), producer and coordinator of the “Sounds of Chernobyl” project (2021, 2020), co-organizer of the CHRNBL international forum with AR exhibitions in 15 countries (2021). Curator of ARTEFACT project.

Юрій Лех

Юрій Лех

International Curator

Ukrainian/Spanish transdisciplinary artist that has developed his creativity within the realm of music video-art and literature, being part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and A/V scene in the 80s. Curator of the MADATAC International Biennial Festival, which calls for contemporary video art and the art of new media.

Ярослав Костенко

Ярослав Костенко

Technical director

15 years of experience, a technology professional in interactive installations, and video projections. Has experience in concerts and festivals, developing media exhibitions and digital content for it. He participated in the implementation of the Artefact project and the Ukrainian Biennale of digital and New Media art 2021.

Марина Степанська

Марина Степанська

Communication Manager

Has 20 years of experience in communication support of cultural and social projects, management, and promotion of big events and artists. She has experience of work in the cultural field, and connections with media, advertising, and promotion agencies. Was a communication manager of exhibition Artefact: Chornobyl 33, Artefact Chornobyl 34.

Олександр Галабута

Олександр Галабута

Coordinator of events

20 years of work in the organization of festivals and cultural events. Provides a full cycle of preparation and control of the event, organizational and technical support of the festival venues, control of the implementation of the event program, and ongoing support of the event. In recent years, participated in the organization of UBIENNALE, Atlas festival, Belive, Alfa Jazz Festival 2017 and 2016, etc.

Світлана Єгорова

Світлана Єгорова

Accountant of a project

Financial consultant, and accountant for more than 20 years. Experience with EU founded project. Since 2018 successfully accompanies 5 grant projects supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
Currently – private legal and consulting practice. In 2005 graduated at Kyiv University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.